Each potential client will receive a complimentary consultation to review your individual situation. TorchLight provides a proposal for services and fees. The meeting is an opportunity to determine if there is a mutual fit to work together.

As a client of TorchLight, we will welcome you into our Wealth Management program. This is a long-term engagement where you will receive ongoing financial planning services. You will also be provided discretionary investment advisory services through our preferred custodian. If you have existing retirement plan accounts that are not able to be moved, we can still monitor and advise on them for you.

A client’s fee is based on the complexity of their situation and the total assets advised upon. Fees are charges quarterly, in arrears. The minimum annual fee is $5,000 per year and higher annual fees may apply according to the situation.

Optimize retirement plans and employee benefits, etc.

Analyze spending plan

Determine income distribution sources

Decide optimal Social Security start date

Review pension claiming options (if appliable)

Discuss significant housing considerations

Determine optimal emergency fund balance

Navigate auto replacement decision (lease, finance, buy)

Address family care issues

Explore purposeful life outside of work

Organize and consolidate investment accounts

Discuss risk tolerance and volatility expectations

Determine asset allocation of portfolio

Review investment options for employer plan(s)

Special care will be given to annuities and inherited accounts

We will work together on:

Review annual income taxes

Prepare tax projections

Create ‘what if” scenarios for various tax outcomes

Determine optimal withholding and tax-reducing strategies

Discuss Roth conversions

Review all life insurance policies

Help with Medicare enrollment

Assist in selecting supplemental Medicare coverage

Analyze long-term care insurance policies or quotes

Estate Planning



Cash Flow


Tax Planning

Review beneficiary designations

Facilitate and assist in the creation of estate plan (trust, will, financial & medical power of attorneys)

Identify legacy goals for heirs

Examine opportunities for Qualified Charitable Donations and gifting



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